An interactive experience

Designed in the spirit of halved friendship charms, Supersymmetry allows you to create your own quantum connections in the form of knitted scarves. As you play with the shapes and patterns of String Theory, two scarves are designed simultaneously—one by you, the second by an algorithm, resulting in a hyper-personalized knit. Pull a thread to separate the scarf in two—one for you, one for me. Supersymmetry.

Supersymmetry is inspired by a physics principle suggesting that every particle in the universe is tied to a superpartner through the vibration of tiny, invisible strings. Imperfect reflections of each another—when one particle moves, the other moves too, absorbed in an infinite cosmic waltz.

The Creators

DPT. are a weird beast, at the intersection of film and gaming, art and code, design and research. The digital studio takes an interdisciplinary and collaborative approach to creating rich and unique experiences that resonate with the public. Their projects are the result of a commitment to relentless research and development, applied to creative solutions for platforms that include VR, AR, physical installations, web and mobile.

EMILIE F. GRENIER is a narrative designer dedicated to the creation of remarkable objects and experiences. She acts as a bridge between craft, narrative and experience, and designs around the significance of stories as cultural conduits. She explores technology with an interest for connectedness, yet prefers it to remain invisible. She strives for uniqueness and emotion.

STRING THEORY produces luxurious scarves in small batches, in their Montreal atelier. As constructed textile designers, they work with the math and physics of fibres, knitting and weaving yarn to develop structure, pattern and texture. Consequently, they are inspired by natural and man-made patterns and structures. They are especially drawn to patterns that describe how the world is made and how it falls apart.

VALI FUGULIN is a platform-agnostic content creator. As a creative producer, director and concept writer of digital documentaries, games and interactive experiences, she creates new narratives based on the human experience and condition. She works from a documentary - field-based - design and research standpoint.


Made possible with the financial support of SODEC